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Starting With Basic Knitting Instructions


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It is always good to start with the basics. Reading, understanding and using the instructions is another task entirely. Knitting can be fun, relaxing and even an aid in dieting – that’s what my wife says! You occupy your hands and mind and you’re excited and not running to the fridge.

Let's Talk About Basic Knitting Instructions

I had a hard time getting this right, so let’s start with a very simple project. It is pretty easy to knit a rectangular scarf. With the use of one knit stitch, worked back and forth in rows, an attractive and warm scarf will appear in less than a week. Some perseverance and skill are required but these are learnable, so don’t give up the first hour into your project.

The basic knitting instructions include the following: Get some smooth yarn on the thicker side, acrylic is washable and doesn’t shrink. The next instruction might sound redundant - follow the knitting instructions on the yarn label – they are basic. The label will usually tell you the weight, make up and size of knitting needles required. Match the knitting needles to the yarn being used.

Ease Into It

Beginners often find that their knitting style fluctuates – that’s ok – the goal of the first project is to get used to the technique, train the fingers, get some practice and make something. Exact basic knitting instructions are available in pamphlets, books, online and in grandma’s memory.

Now, this is the exciting part. Get comfortable, hold the needles one in each hand, tie the yarn on to one needle with a slip knot to start a row. Make a row of loops the width of the scarf in whatever stitch technique you are using. After assembling one row on one needle, you can start knitting – this is already the first row. The second row is connected in the reverse direction of the first and each successive row of yarn loops serves as the connecting point for the next row.

A good pamphlet will give all the basic knitting instructions you need to get started. This includes details of how to use the knitting needles, how to stay on the side that is growing and keep the completed section flowing freely beneath.

Remember, ease into it and mistakes can be corrected. Follow the basic knittinginstructions and get advice from friends if you are having trouble. .



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