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Did You Say Circular Knitting Needle?


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Yes, there’s really a circular knitting needle and it is indispensable! The circular knitting needle is used for knitting tubes of all sizes. The good news is that tubes do not require sewing and there is therefore no unsightly seam. After you get a little more familiar with the concept, you’ll see how imagination is the limit with the circular knitting needle.

Knitting Needles In General

Basic modern knitting needles are typically made of wood, bone and plastic. They are generally lightweight in nature and have a sharp point on one end, except for sock needles that have points on both ends and come in sets of four. Basic knitting needles come in sets of two. Circular knitting needles are flexible and only one is required. They do however come in differing lengths for different projects. Gauge and thickness come into play in all knitting. This depends on the project, the thickness of yarn and personal preference, experience level and knitting style. Tension on the yarn also translates into smaller gauge, so as you practice you will learn what size you produce with each needle. It is the same with the circular knitting needle.

Using Them With Patterns

Certain patterns will call for the use of a circular knitting needle – don’t fret – it’s a good thing. My wife says it’s a wonderful tool that let’s small projects expand into grand ones. Even basic sweaters that might be made of three or four panels that have to be sewn together – even these can be made in a continuous hoop. This tool is so versatile that the trunk of a sweater, both sleeves, knit top and collar are all possible with the use of a circular knitting needle.

Circular Designs Are Populare

One of great things about circular knitting needles is that you can make very wide projects without having to sew pieces together. A basic knitting needle holds a limited amount of stitches and this impacts the width of a project. Circular knitting needles do not have this limitation. For example, the long knit sweater coat that is so popular now is a perfect application of circular knitting needle use. It works for the creation of tubes, but also for long flat pieces that are very wide.

Give it a try, experiment a little and you’ll see for yourself that the sky’s the limit. Once you pick up a needle, chances are, you won’t want to put it down again.




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